MainNet Pool


Ticker: LBC1M

Margin: 3%

ID: pool1tt9jnp33mua5vznrdm8lja2qpjnam8w0lhx982ssjexv64rm8fr


I could really use an ‘angel delegation’. If you can delegate enough ADA to get the ball rolling, I’m open to discussing a margin sharing agreement to increase your returns. If your interested, drop me an email and we’ll work out the details.


My Pools…

I’ve decided to setup this stake pool to attempt to help my wife’s extended family in the Philippines and provide college funds for the grandkids. Several of my wife’s family members in the Philippines are in questionable health and there are a LOT of nieces and nephews that will need assistance with school. We also have 2 grandkids here in the states that hopefully will need some assistance with college costs when they get older. All that said, here is how I’m going to distribute the funds. I hope you will consider delegating to my pools and helping improve the lives of some great people!

Initial Fund Disbursement

·        25% of the returns for the 1st year will be used to increase the pool pledge, thereby increasing returns for all stake holders.

·        25% to the Philippines Relative Relief Wallet – Staked to the pool. Used by the wife as needed to assist the extended family.

·        50% to the Server Maintenance Wallet – Staked to the pool. Unused funds may be periodically added to the pledge.

Continuing Fund Disbursement

·        15% to Evelyn’s College Wallet – staked to the pool.

·        15% to Gavin’s College Wallet – staked to the pool.

·        20% to Philippines Relative Relief Wallet – staked to the pool.

·        50% to Server Maintenance Wallet – staked to the pool.

TestNet Pool

Ticker: LBCT1

Margin: 3%


About the operator:

·        Manager, Global Network Operations for an international corporation.

·        10 years running a 24/7 datacenter.

o   ~30 Linux servers.

o   ~8 Windows servers.

o   All the supporting infrastructure.

·        11 years senior programmer (Embedded C code)

About Cardano Stake Pools

When delegating your funds to a stake pool, your ADA stays in your wallet and is 100% available for your use. You do NOT transfer your funds to us. Once you delegate to a pool, you start sharing if the rewards earned by the pool. Info on delegation can be found HERE.

I hope you will consider staking to my pool.